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Alle Döner werden mit Geflügelfleisch vom Drehspieß, Gurken, Salat, Tomaten, Zwiebeln und Sauce zubereitet.

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Are you someone who drools at the sight of delicious doner kebab? If yes, you aren’t alone! It’s time for Doner kebab lovers to connect with City Pizza. City Pizza has a wide range of  doner loaded with juicy meat that  melt in your mouth with the blend of other ingredients that’s simply irresistible. It’s all in the flavor and there’s absolutely no dearth to flavor when it comes to these kebabs. Whatever way you like your kebab, you’ll find something here that will have you drooling and quickly planning your next meal.

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At City Pizza they are all about farm fresh ingredients and meats that are prepared fresh daily along with their bread that serve up some of the tastiest doner kebabs in Jena. You also have a choice of protein such as beef, lamb or chicken. When the kebabs get ready to serve you with the mix of all together along with the crunchy veggies, tangy sauces and other ingredients, seriously  it’s enough to give into your temptations as they work as a quick mood booster!  
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Order Döner from City Pizza Jena

Their in-house Doner kebabs are made by sourcing the very best ingredients and produce, so you can get the best quality. City Pizza is so popular for their grilled kebabs which are bursting with juiciness and delicious beyond belief with the marinades adding a lovely rich lip smacking flavor. Their grilled meats and kebabs are bursting with flavor and will have you coming back to order food on a regular basis. It’s all about their marinades and the wonderful smoky flavor they achieve when cooking the kebabs. City Pizza has great options of a variety of doner on the menu so there truly is something for everybody here. Order a wide variety of Doner from city pizza’s menu, fresh Doner and a lot more options are there for you to satisfy the cravings of the different taste buds.