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Chinesische Gerichte
Chinesische Gerichte

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If you want to spend a lazy weekend afternoon gorging on authentic Chinese meals, then order the best Chinese dishes from City Pizza, try a wide variety of delicious Chinese dishes here. Fulfill your Chinese cravings here by having their mouth-watering dishes like Chili Chicken, Chicken Chop Sue, Fried Chicken,Fried Rice, Noodles and more.This is one of the amazing Chinese Restaurant in Jena that you must try out.

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You can definitely find so many Chinese Restaurant near your place but City Pizza serves amazing Chinese food. City Pizza is famous for its  lip-smacking various Chinese Chicken dishes, Noodles and Fried Rice. Their food is prepared with exotic ingredients taking you on a flavorsome journey. Most popular dishes are the Crispy Chicken breast, Fried Chicken, Chili Chicken, Roast Duck  paired with Rice Fried or Noodles. Their vast menu definitely leads to ordering more. So order your favorite Chinese dishes from City Pizza Now!

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The next time you plan a reunion with your friends, order from City Pizza, the best Chinese food in Jena. City Pizza promises you a delicious Chinese dishes experience with fresh and pure ingredients that perfectly maintain the delicacy of the Chinese food . Try the Chili Chicken, Chicken Chop Sue, Fried Chicken, Fried Rice, Noodles and more. For the main course, City Pizza has Noodles with Vegetables and various chicken dishes, and fried rice . End your City Pizza special desserts. This is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Jena  that you must like to order Chinese food.

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City Pizza serves traditional Chinese dishes which are always fresh. Most dishes are filled with huge quantities of vegetables, ducks or chicken with herbs, spices. Those who like spicy fried Chinese dishes these are also available here in the City Pizza. These are truly delicious. If you are looking for authentic Chinese dishes search for the City Pizza and choose your favorite dishes from the menu, it has a wide range of Chinese Dishes.